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We’ve got a sweet new trailer for the upcoming 4-player shooter Fuse. The trailer is entitled “Fable’s Vision” and covers Dalton, Isabelle, Jacob, Naya, and other character’s private military files. It gives us a look at the backstory of just how these four have ended up working for Overstrike. It’s Insomniac at the helm so I think is a pretty safe bet. David got some extended hands-on preview and you can bet we’ll be seeing it again very soon, but every video just makes me more and more excited.  Here is a nibble on what David had to say:

The stakes are pretty high for Insomniac, as Fuse is not only their first game in a long time that hasn’t been published by Sony, but it will also be their first multi-platform title. While the general tone of the game may be different than the original idea we saw last year, fans of Insomniac’s games shouldn’t be worried; the iconic, explosive weaponry, vibrant, colorful environments, and interesting and well-made stories and experiences fans love all look to be present and accounted for. Every single person at Insomniac I spoke to about Fuse felt so much passion for what they were making, and I left the studio in high spirits, ready and waiting to see what surprises were around the corner. Click through the screenshots below, and make sure you find your co-op buddies now, because Fuse will hit Xbox 360 and PS3 in March of 2013.

Check out this artistic trailer and get ready for the game to hit Xbox 360 and PS3, on May 28th.

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