Fueled Up, a chaotic new co-op game where players rush to salvage a spaceship, announced

Fueled Up, a chaotic new co-op game where players rush to salvage a spaceship, was just announced. Supporting up to 4 players, Fueled Up will have players attempting to salvage a failing spaceship while finding fuel, fixing hull breaches, extinguishing fires, and more. Fueled Up is slated to release later this year on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can check out the announcement trailer above and read below for more info:

Wrocław, Poland April 13, 2022: Fireline Games is over the moon as they announce their upcoming game, Fueled Up, which combines salvaging spaceships with intense co-op fun. Fueled Up will be coming to Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One later this year.

Fueled Up is a chaotic couch co-op game for up to four players. You and your crewmates must fuel, fix and recover damaged spaceships before the evil Space Octopus gets its tentacles on them! Return the spaceships to safety while dealing with unexpected dangers like wormholes, asteroid showers, and space squids. Keep the engines fueled up, fix hull breaches, and extinguish fires or risk the ship blowing up! There are no boring days in the life of a spaceship recovery engineer!

About Fueled Up

In Fueled Up you will explore dangerous galaxies, face increasingly challenging hazards while trying to outrun the giant Space Octopus. If you succeed, you will become the best spaceship recovery engineer the universe has ever seen!


Intense Couch Co-op Fun – Enjoy a game where teamwork, a rapid pace, and multiple task juggling combine with heavy doses of chaos and laughter. Mix careful planning with split-second decision-making to make it back to base!

Madcap Frantic Solo Play – Friends not available? No problem. Fueled Up plays great for the single player as well.

Online/Local Multiplayer – Work with your crewmates in both local and online multiplayer to bring the ships back safely in one piece.

Controller Sharing – Only one controller? No problem! Share it with your friend and save spaceships together.

Bonus Challenges – Is returning safely not enough for you? Craving even more excitement? Each level offers extra objectives to test your skills and prove there’s no task too challenging for you and your crew!

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