Free League Publishing: GenCon 23 News Release

Award-winning RPG publisher Free League today hosted its annual Showcase at Gen Con 2023 and revealed exciting news for the coming months. Strange and wondrous worlds await – here is a summary of the news revealed at Gen Con 2023:

  • The highly anticipated fantasy RPG Dragonbane to be released August 15
  • Moria™ – The Long Dark for The One Ring™ coming to Kickstarter August 29
  • WASTE 20X4 – new expansion for the CY_BORG RPG announced
  • Dead Flag Contracts – new expansion for DEATH IN SPACE announced
  • The Dunwich Horror by H.P Lovecraft illustrated by Baranger announced
  • Late pledges are now available for The Walking Dead Universe RPG

Dragonbane – The Highly Anticipated New Fantasy RPG Officially Released August 15


A legend reborn. Dragonbane, the new and reimagined edition of Scandinavia’s first and biggest tabletop roleplaying game Drakar och Demoner, will be officially released on August 15, shortly after its pre-release at Gen Con. Dragonbane is a new take on the classic fantasy RPG full of magic, mystery, and adventure.

Dragonbane was funded in just 4 minutes on Kickstarter raising more than $700k, and comes in a massive boxed core set packed with adventure. The game is designed from the ground up to facilitate fast play with very little prep time and adventures that are a breeze to run.

“This most certainly makes me not even want to look back at D&D 5e! It is exactly what I want a fantasy system to be, and is great for both one shots and long campaigns.” –DTRPG Review

Moria™ – The Long Dark  for The One Ring™ Coming to Kickstarter August 29

Beyond the shadow it waits for you still…

Moria™ – The Long Dark, an epic campaign expansion delving into the depths of Khazad-dûm for the award-winning second edition of The One Ring™ roleplaying game based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, is coming to Kickstarter on August 29. This expansion will also be published in a version for the 5E edition The Lord of the Rings™ Roleplaying, under the title Moria™ – Shadow of Khazad-dûm.

All backers who pledge within the first 24 hours will receive a bonus item soon to be revealed. If fully funded, the crowdfunding campaign offers early PDF access to the expansion well before its retail release planned for early next year. Check out the Kickstarter page to be notified on launch here.

WASTE 20X4 – New Expansion for CY_BORG Announced

New year, new shit. New toxic waste vomited by this nightmare metropolis; people, places, products. Outside the city limits or deep within its rotten heart, you’ll find it. Regardless of what you’re looking for. 

WASTE 20X4 expands the acclaimed CY_BORG RPG by Stockholm Kartell with additional classes, factions, scenarios and tables aplenty. Rules for car chases and vehicular manslaughter. Hazards and foes to get killed by. And much more.

Coming 2024

CY_BORG is a complete rules-light, rage-heavy tabletop roleplaying game based on and compatible with MÖRK BORG. Easy to play, easy to hack.

Dead Flag Contracts – New Expansion for the DEATH IN SPACE RPG Announced

Dead Flag Contracts is a collection of scenarios and tools for the DEATH IN SPACE RPG. The expansion is focused on Dead Flag City, a fuel depot town on the jungle planet Lepidoptera, where workers and hustlers have struggled to rebuild since the end of the Gem War.

Life is hard in Dead Flag City, but there are still rewards to reap for those willing to take on some danger. In the shadows, new powers are pulling the strings. Their plans can upend the fragile balance in the Tenebris system, reopening old wounds and stirring up new conflicts.

The world is broken. In a collapsing universe, your crew is your only family. DEATH IN SPACE takes you to a grimy blue-collar future in a universe filled with risk, but also opportunity.

Coming in 2024.

Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror Illustrated by Baranger Announced

Enter the desolate, decrepit Massachusetts village of Dunwich. Brace thyself, for a tale of dark rituals, witchcraft and the looming shadow of the Old Ones. Free League Publishing and Design Studio Press today revealed the illustrated edition of H.P. Lovecraft’s iconic story The Dunwich Horror, by acclaimed artist François Baranger. 

The Dunwich Horror is a true classic of American horror and a dark tale of powers from beyond our world. The book is set to be released later this year and is now available for pre-order at the Free League webstore, where the previously published The Call of Cthulhu and At the Mountains of Madness are also available.

The Walking Dead Universe RPG Late Pledges Now Available
The Walking Dead Universe RPG Trailer

Explore an unforgiving, post-apocalyptic world, where you must learn to survive. Together. Late pledges for the upcoming The Walking Dead Universe RPG are now available. The game raised close to $600k and unlocked 18 stretch goals during the successful Kickstarter campaign. All backers, including late backers, get early access to PDF version of the game ahead of the official release later this year.

In The Walking Dead Universe RPG, the player characters must not only hone their physical skills, but deeply explore who they truly are – what drives them to go on, what they consider worth fighting for, and what they’re capable of doing, in the best and worst of times. 

Players can late pledge here.



  • Dragonbane: August 15
  • PIRATE BORG: September 19
  • The Walking Dead Universe RPG: Q4


  • Moria™ – The Long Dark: August 29


  • The Dunwich Horror by Lovecraft/Baranger


  • Tales From the Loop RPG: They Grow Up So Fast
  • Symbaroum: Davokar Awakens
  • Vaesen: The Lost Mountain Saga
  • The One Ring RPG: Tales From the Lone-Lands
  • The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying: Ruins of Eriador
  • The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying: Tales from Eriador

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