Forget the diners and drive-ins, head to the dives with Trago next week

Today, SpaceGiraff3 announced that it will release its narrative adventure game Trago on PC, Mac, and Linux on July 17. The game features the main character having conversations with locals at the titular bar while he finds out how to solve his inner problems.

You play as Juca, a hard worker, who can’t face his own problems very well. On an especially tiring night, Juca decides to stop at Trago, a regular pub on the way home, the best place to have a little chat and distract yourself. But it won’t be a regular night at a bar.

You have to drink shots to get courage and interact with others – bar locals Joana and Carlos, and your friends on the phone. By talking to people you’ll gradually discover the true mystery about Trago.

However, if Juca is only thinking about drinking, he may find himself in serious trouble!

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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