Fly away with The King’s Bird later this month

Yesterday, Serenity Forge and Graffiti Games announced that they will release The King’s Bird on August 23 for PC. The game will retail at $19.99 and will feature precision-based platforming featuring a graceful sense of speed.

Set in a cryptic world kept secret by a tyrant, The King’s Bird has players use a unique momentum-based flying mechanic to run, jump, and fly past challenges as they make their way through forgotten lost kingdoms. Only after mastering the world of flight can players discover the truth about their freedom.

“While The King’s Bird may look like a strenuous platformer, it actually has fluid controls that allows the game to be accessible for a variety of players, no matter their platforming prowess,” said Kevin Zhang, Producer at Serenity Forge. “In addition, we’ve added an Assist Mode that helps alleviate some of the hurdles that players will encounter, including flight limitations, for a more ‘Zen-like’ experience.”

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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