FlexiSpot gets uber-deep discounts till 9/9

FlexiSpot desks are a MUST HAVE for me.  It’s a standing desk, and all of the advantages that brings, but it’s turned into so much more for me.  It is my primary recording and unboxing surface, being versatile enough to tackle everything from a tiny hard drive box all the way up to a full sized gaming chair unboxing and assembly.  Not enough?  Well, it’s also the perfect space for my brand new 3D Resin printer and cleaning space.  The ability to lower the desk to make lifting heavier buckets of isopropyl alcohol (up to 4 gallons at a time folks!), as well as the space to keep my printer, wash and cure station, and all the tools, cleaning solutions, PPE, and more in one easy spot.  With the casters attached to the bottom, I can even wheel these into a more open air space (critical as resin smell can be harsh) and then wheel it back to storage when I’m done.  It’s a big part of my workflow, and I honestly spend more time in front of one than I can quantify with my work and hobby time combined.  When I say all these things, know that I don’t receive a single penny for saying this, and the FlexiSpot team isn’t compensating us for that opinion — it’s just my experience.  Well…here’s some good news — you can make it YOUR experience.

On 9/9, FlexiSpot is celebrating what they are calling FlexiSpot 909 tech day.  909 Tech Day is an opportunity for customers to see behind the scenes at Flexispot, showcasing their newest tech, as well as upcoming improvements to all of their products.  Given that the ergonomics and functionality of these desks directly impact your ongoing comfort, it’s worth a look.  If natural curiosity isn’t enough to pique your interest, well…you’ll be happy to hear that they are also giving away a LOT of gear, as well as offering some crazy deep discounts.  With only 24 hours to take that bite at the apple though, you’ll need to move fast.  Let’s get into what you can expect to see on 9/9.

Flash Sale
If you check out between 00:00 to 23:59 PST on 8/29 to 9/6 2022 you’ll see deals on nearly every desk they sell, as well as all of the accessories that go with them.  Their E3 and E standing desks will see nearly 11% off, their EB8 bamboo top desk with built in charging gets $39.99 off — a full 28% off the top.  Under-desk hammocks, adjustable cable trays, desk converters, and even their desk bike are all picking up some solid discounts.  If you pop by at 9:09 PST, both AM and PM, you’ll also see an absolutely crazy flash sale where you can pick up some impossibly priced goodies for just $9.09.   Those go quick, you’ll want to jump in fast.  Here are some of the products under this flash sale you can expect to seer:

  • FlexiSpot Pro Plus E7 standing desk. The desk has a free under-desk hammock that will be good for your pet. This standing desk with a 15-year warranty has a versatile adjustable height range of 4’2″ to 6’4″ and can hold 355lbs. It also has an embedded cable tray that hides your cables, keeps you and your playful kids safe, and LCD Keypad Panels with advanced and premium features. You can save 22.41% off by getting this advanced standing desk for a discounted price of $449.99 from the original $579.99 on 7/9/2022.
  • AlcoverRiser Standing Desk Converter M7MB. The extra spacious work surface of the M7MB allows you to use your computer monitor without worry. It has a keyboard tray that can accommodate your 17-inch laptop, a mouse, or a full-sized keyboard. Other features include a more comprehensive height range of 5″ to 20″ for tall people and a removable keyboard tray. The discounted price goes to $179.99, saving 21.74% off the original price of $229.99 on 8/9/2022.
  • Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B. The chair has an adjustable 3position lifting armrest that ensures your body fits correctly. Its adjustable lifting headrest helps release tension from your head and neck; hence, the chair is perfect for your home office, workplace office station, and gamers. Get the chair for a discounted price of $169.99 from $209.99 and save yourself 19.0% on 8/9/2022.
  • F1 Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair. The desk bike’s comfort shows it can be an alternative for your office chair. It has a breathable mesh backrest for stability and comfort, a height-adjustable seat that a one-touch lever can adjust, and it cycles smoothly and quietly; hence you won’t disturb the people around you. The discounted price under this activity on 8/9/2022 will go to $329.99, saving 17.50% since the original price was 399.99.

Supposing for a second you run an office, you’ll want to pay attention here as well.  There are some Group Buy campaigns that run from 9/7 to 9/9 where, put simply, the more you buy the more you save.  We’ll have to wait to see what appears there.

I know I’ve talked a lot about FlexiSpot desks, but show me another desk that is this competitively priced and sports a 15 year warranty.  If you are looking for a fantastic gift for a loved one, or you’ve managed to lock down a permanent WFH situation, believe me when I say that you absolutely need one of these desks.  Good luck, and let us know in our Discord if you manage to score something cool!  Oddly enough, I’m actually looking at a bed — turns out they make adjustable versions of those too.

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