First-person survival horror game Apparition enters early-access on Steam

Today, Fat Dog Games has released an Early Access build of their first-person survival horror game, Apparition. This game will have the player assume the role of a paranormal investigator as they try to gather proof of ghosts and demons while escaping with their life.

Play a dangerous game of cat and mouse as a paranormal investigator. Gather proof of the infernal atrocities that roam Green Creek by taking photos of and filming conversations with the spirits, then try to escape with your life before becoming their next victim. Probe the night as deeply as you dare to unlock upgrades and climb the leaderboards.

Throughout Apparition, you work with a Ouija board to communicate with ghosts and demons, make them appear, and record or take pictures of them. After capturing evidence of existence of these beings, you have to escape with your research, and your life.

Apparition is available now on PC via Steam’s Early Access program. For more information, visit the official website.

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