Find Familiar Spirits announces second whiskey release: Quest’s End Rogue

Read the following press release from Find Familiar Spirits:

Fandom-centric spirits company FIND FAMILIAR SPIRITS™ is raising a glass to celebrate the upcoming release of QUEST’S END ROGUE™, the second release in its series of limited-edition, super-premium whiskeys made by and for fans of fantasy and gaming. 

Following the smash success of their first whiskey QUEST’S END: PALADIN™, which sold out two releases last fall, QUEST’S END: ROGUE goes on sale February 29, and this fast-growing spirits startup expects this second in the series, limited-edition spirit to disappear as quickly as its namesake.

Founded by celebrity actor/gaming entrepreneur Matthew Lillard and screenwriter Justin Ware with Blue Run Spirits co-founder Tim Sparapani as advisor, Find Familiar Spirits combines the storytelling acumen and influence of Hollywood with award-winning spirits craftsmanship. As a lifelong gamer with a legacy in iconic pop-culture film and TV (Scream, Scooby Doo, Five Nights at Freddy’s), Lillard is a strong believer in the power of community in fandom, and he’s brought that love of kinship and inclusion to Quest’s End.  

“It’s fitting that Rogue is our second whiskey, since we’re a bit of a rogue in the spirits business,” Lillard said. “We don’t have a big corporate backer, or a huge distribution network. We launched with an appeal directly to fantasy and gaming fans, and we were lucky enough to win them over because we’re genuinely part of this community. We’re offering a product that’s authentic to our love for fantasy and gaming.”

As with Paladin, QUEST’S END: ROGUE will be accompanied by a new chapter of the original fantasy saga Dawn of the Unbound Gods, written by renowned Dungeon Master Kate Welch with original illustration by celebrated fantasy artist Tyler Jacobson. 

The whiskey was selected, blended and proofed by Find Familiar’s Master Blender Alé Ochoa, a rising star in the spirits industry, from small batch Kentucky and Indiana 4+ year aged bourbons.  Each numbered, limited bottle offers rich notes of vanilla alongside bright baked apple/jammy fruit and cooling herbaceous notes to create a balanced aroma and finish, in keeping with the smoothness and blending ability of a Rogue. 

The founders named the company Find Familiar Spirits as a nod to the famous spell in gaming, but also to honor that magical moment in your life when you find a kindred soul. The mission of the company is to craft spirits with the same attention to detail, commitment to authenticity, and feeling of kinship you get inside any dedicated and beloved subculture. With two additional releases scheduled for 2024, the company looks to continue building on its incredible early success. 

QUEST’S END ROGUE is available exclusively online at

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