Final Fantasy VII Rebirth showcases Yuffie, Elena, Cait Sith as well as a new trailer

To celebrate the new year, Square Enix has dropped a brand new trailer hyping up their upcoming game: Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. In addition, a new blog post on their official website also sheds some light on different regions of the world that can be explored, as well as introduces previews of Yuffie, Elena, Cait Sith, and a few others. More details can be found on the Square Enix website.

Regions of the world include Starboard Junon and Shinri-8

Starboard Junon: An urban residential zone within the fortified metropolis overlooking the ocean. In addition to housing for Shinra personnel, high-end boutiques and restaurants line its streets. Currently, preparations are underway here for Rufus Shinra’s presidential inauguration parade

Shinri-8: A Shinra cruise ship that ferries travelers between the planet’s eastern and western continents. After departing the port of Junon, it heads for the resort town of Costa del Sol. As part of the on-board entertainment, the ship plays host to a Queen’s Blood tournament.

New characters include Cait Sith & Moogle, Elena, and Captain Titov

Caith Sith & Moogle: This gregarious cat fights from atop his sturdy moogle mount, who provides both mobility and support during battle. When Cait’s not duking it out, his high-tech helper aids him in hacking computer systems and telling fortunes.

Elena: Though she may be a rookie, she’s as skilled with her fists and a gun as anyone else in the Turks unit of Shinra’s General Affairs Division. She and her partner Rude are tasked with pursuing the black-robed figures, which she is more than happy to do if it means being assigned a mission with Tseng.

Captain Titov: The captain of the Shinra-8, responsible for overseeing safe passage for all who travel between Junon and Costa del Sol. He’s earned a sterling reputation among his crew, thanks to his unerring devotion to his duties. This is most evident during the various festivities held aboard his vessel, which he personally – and passionately – emcees.

The blog post also dives into deeper detail on combat abilities from both Cait Sith and Yuffie, in addition to synergy attacks and combos!

Check out the new trailer below:

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH - Destined for Rebirth

Voted “Most Anticipated” Game of 2024 at The Game Awards, FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH is the new story in the critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY VII remake project. This standalone adventure set across a vast and vibrant planet sees Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aerith and Red XIII escape from the dystopian city of Midgar into the wide world beyond. To hunt down Sephiroth, a haunting figure from Cloud’s past bent on ruling the planet, these unlikely heroes join forces with new companions like the spirited ninja operative Yuffie and the wisecracking, feline-shaped robot Cait Sith. Lead these characters into battle to overcome their fates. Explore classic locales reimagined in dazzling detail. Encounter dozens of hours of rewarding side quests, fiend hunts, mini-games and rich stories of the planet’s people and cultures.

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH follows the first game in the trilogy, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, released in 2020 to universal acclaim from players and critics around the globe. After earning more than 20 perfect scores from media and being selected as a PlayStation® “Editor’s Choice” pick, FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE became the highest-selling digital release on the PlayStation® platform in SQUARE ENIX’s history, exceeding more than 7 million shipments and digital sales worldwide since its release.

In case you missed it, check out our hands on preview! Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more Final Fantasy VII Rebirth news and info! Final Fantasy VII Rebirth arrives exclusively on PlayStation 5 on February 29th, 2024.

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