Final Fantasy VII – A Symphonic Reunion concert announced for June 9th

Bringing fans back together in a unique way, Final Fantasy VII – A Symphonic Reunion will be an exclusive event that mixes the music of Final Fantasy VII with a symphonic orchestra and an HD video presentation. The event will be held on June 9th in Hollywood.

With a symphonic orchestra and choir of more than 100 musicians on stage with giant screen HD video projection, “FINAL FANTASY VII – A Symphonic Reunion” will be the reunion that you have been waiting for years, a onetime exclusive brand new and unseen concert experience. The whole program being unseen and created exclusively for this unique occasion. A once-in-a-lifetime moment that no fan will want to miss!

Final Fantasy VII – A Symphonic Reunion will be held in the Dolby Theater in Hollywood on June 9th, 2019 at 6PM PDT. For tickets, visit Ticket Master’s website.

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