Everybody was kung fu Dachshund! Fight of Animals: Arena announces a new character

It’s time for the survival of the swole as Digital Crafter has announced a new buff character to its roster of unimaginably fit creatures in Fight of Animals: Arena, which will be released soon for Steam. Kung Fu Dachshund will be included in the initial roster of fighters, with a new playstyle and attacks.

In (Fight of Animals: Arena), Kungfu Dachshund is defined as an agile style fighter, with a lot of Kungfu elements blend into his moves, most of his move comes with multiple hits and his anti-air move also has slightly tweaked angles. Overall Kungfu Dachshund will be a quite different fighters compared with all the existing characters.

With Kungfu Dachshund join the fight, (Fight of Animals: Arena) will also come with complete Christmas costumes available on the release day.

(Fight of Animals: Arena) will be available on steam VERY SOON, and speak of the differences between this time and previous (Fight of Animals), the development team are more focus the design on party-vibe experience instead of hardcore one on one, the control will be even more user friendly and comes with traps and items on variations of stages.

(Fight of Animals: Arena) will support four players both local and ONLINE. With the same net code has been used in Fight of Animals. Add it to the Wishlist now and don’t miss the release date special!

Can’t wait to play with your ripped ravagers? Check out our review of the original Fight of Animals, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.


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