Everspace 2 is heading to Game Pass, but the full launch has been delayed until 2023

The full launch of Everspace 2 has been delayed until 2023, but the game will be playable in Early Access on Xbox Game Pass beginning on October 21st, 2021. Additionally, the developers did confirm that Everspace 2 will be coming to Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well as the PC. Details below:

EVERSPACE 2 coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC October 21 | Content Update Khaït Nebula: Stranger Skies on track for November release | Full release now scheduled for early 2023

The fourth EVERSPACE 2 star system Khaït Nebula will be filled with new alien lifeforms and secrets around the mysterious Ancients to discover. This system also contains a new sub-faction to deal with, another new companion, and much more for Early Access, and soon, Xbox Game Pass for PC pilots to find.

Hamburg, Germany – October 19, 2021 – Independent AA studio ROCKFISH Games is excited to announce they are partnering with Microsoft to bring EVERSPACE 2 to Game Preview on the Windows 10/11 Store through Xbox Game Pass for PC and pay per download for $39.99 / €37.99 / £31.99, available on October 21, 2021.

“After our successful partnership launching the original EVERSPACE as an [email protected] title in Xbox Game Preview and bringing the game to Game Pass post full release, we’re thrilled to work again with our friends at Microsoft to bring even more fast-paced space shooter action to  Windows 10 and Xbox platforms with EVERSPACE 2,” said Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder of ROCKFISH Games. “The deal not only enables space pilots with Game Pass to jump in the cockpit early, but it also provides extra funding for our team to complete the story campaign as promised, really nail the endgame, and keep pushing the envelope on all platforms.”

“The ROCKFISH Games team has an exceptional track record of delivering visually stunning and addicting space shooters on all sorts of platforms for some fifteen years, and we’re excited to have their latest, highly-praised work coming to the Windows 10, 11 and Xbox platform,” said Microsoft’s Chris Carla, Head of [email protected] “With best-in-class graphics, an engaging looter-shooter game loop, accessible space combat and exploration, tight controls for both keyboard + mouse and gamepad, plus the open development approach from a talented veteran team, EVERSPACE 2 is just a perfect fit for Xbox Game Preview and Xbox Game Pass.”

While the third major EVERSPACE 2 content update, Khaït Nebula, is on track to be officially released on November 3rd with an experimental release on Steam scheduled for October 22, ROCKFISH Games has decided to push back the simultaneous full release on PC (Windows, Mac, Linux), Xbox, and PlayStation to early 2023.

First launched in Steam Early Access in January of 2021, EVERSPACE 2 takes the series from linear indie roguelike to a handcrafted, semi-open-world AA action RPG. While still in development for another full year, ROCKFISH Games has already released about 65% of the planned story content with three more star systems, two additional player ship classes, fast-travel, trading, and endgame activities left to go.

Every Friday, the ROCKFISH Games team shows off content from their latest EVERSPACE 2 dev build on the ROCKFISH Games Twitch and YouTube channel from 8 pm to 10 pm CEST / 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST / 11:00 am to 1:00 pm PST. Viewers even have the chance to ask questions directly to various members of the dev team, while the CEO and co-founder, Michael Schade, is almost always moderating both chats.

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