Eve Online crosses the Rubicon

This has been an eventful day in New Eden,  the fictional galaxy occupied by the EVE Online community. Why has this day special?  Because this morning CCP released the latest free expansion for the decade-old space MMO– and if the name is any suggestion, CCP don’t plan on turning back.

Included in this update are a variety of the usual updates and refinements, along with several entirely new features.  First of all, the much-maligned user-interface got a bit of a makeover.  Not only do nested menus and lists have a bit of a “Metro” feel, but the skill tree and skill certificate systems got a much needed overhaul.  CCP also added a few new kinks in the form of player-owned structures, new PvE anomalies called “ghost sites.”

Oh, and CCP also gave us two beautiful new ships to play with. The Astero and the Stratios  (pictured above)  have had the EVE community slavering ever since CCP released images of them a few weeks back, and they’ve got the high price to match the high demand.  An Astero will run you 125,000,000 ISK, which is expensive for a ship of it’s class.  So you’d better save your pennies or start grinding if you want to get yourself a Stratios.

If you *still* need some hype to get on board the EVE train, CCP also released this awesome trailer, detailing some of the lore and showing off their animating chops.  It’s a quick, but pretty enthralling watch, so give it a shot next time you’re stuck mining Veldspar.

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