Endless Space Entering Beta

Considering the level of excitement whirling around Amplitude Studios’ 4X strategy game Endless Space, you’d be forgiven for believing it’s already out.  Gamers rarely go on this much about the pretty graphics, slick interfaces, and ruthless AIs of alpha builds because, at such a primitive stage of development, alphas traditionally have none of those things.  Betas are usually where games go to become fun, to get stabilized and play-tested for their final release, so it’ll be interesting to see a game as promising as Endless Space enter that phase next week.

Talking about that, we wanted to announce today that the BETA of the game will be available next Monday, end of the day on STEAM.
For those who have not yet purchased the game, you have until Sunday to benefit from the 25% off on the full price of the game.

These are the main new features that will be included in the Beta version of the game:

  • 8 playable factions >> you’ll finally be able to discover the Amoeba, the Sowers and the new and last faction we’ll announce tomorrow
  • Multiplayer enabled >> You’ll be able to plays against 7 other players online.
  • German and French languages.

To further celebrate this development milestone, the Amplitude team also put together this quick video to highlight the new features that were added during the alpha thanks to community participation:



Endless Space can still be prepurchased via Steam at its promotional price of $22.49 until Sunday, June 3rd, when it will assume its normal MSRP of $29.99.

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