Emotional adventure game Sea of Solitude sets sail July 5

We first saw Sea of Solitude during last year’s EA Play event at E3. Now, just a few weeks before another E3, its release date has been announced. According to publisher EA, Sea of Solitude will be out July 5 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Developed by Jo-Mei Games, Sea of Solitude is a puzzle adventure game about a woman named Kay facing monsters both literal and figurative as she battles her own loneliness in a sinking city.

Sea of Solitude takes you on a personal journey of a young woman’s loneliness. Set sail across a beautiful and evolving world, where nothing is quite what it seems. Meet fantastical creatures and monsters, learn their stories, and solve challenges. Explore a flooded city, either by boat, on foot, or by swimming through the water itself. Dare to look what lies beneath the surface, in a haunting struggle of darkness and light, and discover what it truly means to be human.

This year’s EA Play is scheduled for Saturday, June 8.

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