EA Sports SSX Gets Tricky with Retro DLC

One of the most exciting things about the release of EA Sports SSX earlier this year was that it marked the return of a fan favorite series from the last generation of consoles. But just in case reliving some of the snowboarding action of the early 2000’s wasn’t nostalgic enough for you, EA Sports has released two new sets of DLC featuring content from previous games in the series including SSX Tricky and SSX 3. The DLC will allow players to enjoy old school songs and characters, as well as a new course inspired by the series’ roots. Read on for more details.

DLC Pack Content and Price Breakdown:
Mt. Eddie Pack ($5.99/480 MS Points)

  • Mt. Eddie – an all-new, SSX Tricky inspired mountain. Includes nine event drops, featuring a nine minute peak to base run
  • Three classic music tracks

Classic Characters Pack ($5.99/480 MS Points)

  • Seven classic retro-themed SSX characters from SSX 3 and SSX Tricky includes: Elise, Kaori, Zoe, Eddie, Mac, Psymon and Moby
  • Each character comes with an assortment of color combinations for their outfit
  • Seven character-specific snowboards

Mt. Eddie & Classic Characters Bundle Pack ($7.99/640 MS Points)

  • Bundle includes Mt. Eddie and Classic Characters packs

The new Mt. Eddie course will be of particular interest to fans of the earlier games. The mountain will feature fireworks, huge jumps, grindable billboards, loops, halfpipes, and other elements reminiscent of classic SSX Tricky gameplay. Still not enough nostalgia for you? Mt. Eddie also has its own version of Mount Rushmore, sporting the faces of fan favorite SSX characters carved into the mountainside. The DLC packs can be bought separately for $5.99 (480 MS Points) each, or as a bundle for $7.99 (630 MS Points).

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