Dying Light 2’s first DLC is here and brings with it free customization items

Dying Light 2 may have just released but Techland has wasted no time in provided post-game content and best of all, it’s free. The Authority skin pack features Peacekeeper chest, leg, and foot armor. Future DLC packs, including the soon to be released Ronin, will provide an additional armor set along with two unique weapons. Techland currently plans to provide nearly five years worth of post game content. You can check out a trailer for the Authority pack above and read below for full details about the DLC:

Wrocław, Poland — February 14, 2022 — This Valentine’s Day, Techland brings survivors the gift of the first free DLC for Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Previously announced in the future content roadmap, this factions-inspired DLC is already available for free across all platforms.

Starting today, players can redeem the first part of the first free skin pack, Authority, with the skin pack Ronin coming right around the corner. The packs will grant items for the chest, legs, and foot gear slots, and after a few days, new redeemable items will be unlocked. Which faction will you represent while roaming The City?

Bring law and order back to The City and enforce the rules with the Authority pack, coming in three parts as free DLC. Collect all three parts to get a full outfit and a unique hammer.


The first part (available from today) contains:

Intimidating Jacket—Put on this jacket and fight for justice!

Intimidating Cargo Pants—They’ll hold everything you’ll need to enforce the law.

Intimidating High-tops—Stand up for what’s right with these unique high-tops.


The second part (available Feb. 16) will contain:

Intimidating Gauntlets—These may not restore law and order in a flash, but they’ll definitely make it easier.

Intimidating Windbreaker—Bring down the rule breakers with this windbreaker.

Intimidating Leather Guards—Use these leather guards to help you keep the peace.


The third part (available Feb. 18) will bring:

The two-handed Authority hammer—With this in your arsenal, they’d better follow the rules.


To unlock the Authority pack, visit the platform store’s product page, claim the DLC, and download it to represent the faction with style.

*Ronin Pack* – Coming soon!

Roam The City as a masterless samurai with the Ronin pack, coming in three parts to download as free DLC. Collect them all to get a full outfit and a unique sword.

To celebrate a successful launch, Techland kicked off another contest for Dying Light 2 Stay Human fans, and the grand prize is a powerful, customized PC (RTX 3090 FE + i9-12900k) created by PC gaming masters Nate Gentile—tech, design, modding, and hardware enthusiasts who create computer science content to entertain, teach, and advise! Visit Techland’s Twitter account to learn more about the contest rules, and visit TechlandGG for more details about upcoming events.

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