Don’t overcook your alchemy as Potion Party heads to Switch next week

RPGames has recently announced that, in partnership with Top Hat Studios, will release its co-op management game Potion Party on April 8 for the Nintendo Switch. The game tasks up to four players with creating potions for various customers while also dealing with hazards and other zany obstacles, with competitive modes available for those wanting to dish out their skills.

RPGames, in partnership with Top Hat Studios, Inc., is glad to introduce you to the magic and colorful world of Potion Party, a local single-player/co-op management game where you, along with up to 3 more friends, will get to run your own alchemy store. Team up to create amazing potions to make your clients happy, learn new recipes, and use your earnings to improve your work tools and the atelier itself! This cute game of crazy couch co-op fun is landing on Nintendo Switch on April 8th for $9.99/£9.99/9.99€ — but you can pre-order it now on the Nintendo eShop.

In Potion Party, you’ll prepare a great variety of potions for a demanding customer base. Choose the correct ingredients and mix them in your private laboratory to craft the potions they order. Do your best to earn as much money as possible, so you can upgrade your work tools and atelier until you become the greatest team of alchemists in your area. Also, make sure to redecorate the atelier from time to time to surprise new clients!


  • A nice story mode with twelve levels, each introducing new game mechanics. Then, enjoy the craziness of infinite and competitive modes!
  • Alchemy is hard work — don’t do it by yourself! Hire up to three friends to create a balanced team and make sure that this commercial adventure doesn’t get out of hand!
  • Unlock new hirable characters with unique alchemy skills and level them up to create the best potions in the market!
  • Alchemy takes its time! Treat your customers with homemade sweets to entertain them while they wait.
  • Sometimes you’ll find unwanted guests in the backroom: slimes, thieves and ghosts are here to spoil your day! Kick them out so they can’t destroy or steal your tools and ingredients, or hurt your teammates. Each have a specific weakness.
  • Challenge your friends in 1v1 and 2v2 battles where the team that satisfies the most customers in the shortest time possible wins.
  • A beautiful pixel-art style with cute and lively chibi characters that anime fans will love!

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