Diablo IV’s first “Inside the Game” video highlights Sanctuary

Blizzard recently revealed Diablo IV’s opening cinematic as well as information on the two upcoming betas. They weren’t finished as they released the first video in their “Inside the Game” series. The video lets players get to know some of the developer’s thoughts and gives a new look at the world of Sanctuary. You can check out the video below and don’t forget to pre-order Diablo IV if you want early access to the beta.

Diablo IV | Inside the Game - The World of Sanctuary


–The art style in Diablo IV is shadowed and macabre, in many ways reminiscent of the grisly atmosphere of Diablo II. There are five unique zones, each with their own grim environments and themed dungeons to match. One of the artistic goals was to make every scene look and feel like a painting, so every color and texture was meticulously made to accomplish the desired grim design.

–Every monster inside Diablo IV’s Sanctuary has been carefully worked into the darkest, most horrific versions of themselves. Players will fight their way through all sorts of creatures new and old, as well as interact with other typical beasts one might encounter naturally in each zone.

–There’s so much to do inside Sanctuary—from fighting hordes of enemies and protecting safe haven towns, to fulfilling side-quests and conquering dungeons. Players can walk seamlessly between the zones, exploring to their heart’s content everything the open world has to offer.

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