11 Bit Studios showcase fresh footage of The Invincible and reveal The Alters

11 Bit Studios were busy today with news announcements on two upcoming titles. The Invincible is a new story-driven game that is based on a popular book by Stanislaw Lem. The second game, The Alters, is another narrative-driven title about conversing with different versions of a human named Jan.  You can check out sneak peeks at both games including more details from the announcement below:

The Invincible – Not Everything Everywhere Is For Us

The Invincible | Not Everything Everywhere Is For Us

The Invincible is a first-person narrative game based on the iconic novel of the same name by world-renowned science-fiction author and Polish futurologist, Stanisław Lem. Human nature is to conquer and leap cognitive boundaries. We strive to reach the highest peaks, discover the deepest parts of the oceans, and reach for the furthest corners of the universe. This unshaken belief led Yasna, a sharp-witted astrobiologist, and her crew to a mission on Regis III. An expedition that will force them to realize that perhaps, not everything everywhere is for us.

The new video contains footage combining actual gameplay and in-game footage, as The Invincible is set to release later this year for PC and consoles.

Also, Starward Industries is debuting a brand-new website for The Invincible where fans can read all issues of the comic book related to the game so far, with more issues yet to come:

The Alters – Ask Yourself

The Alters | Ask Yourself

The Alters firmly aligns with 11 bits studios’ development and design philosophy. A unique narrative, driven forward by the interactions of altered versions of the same genetic human, Jan is an everyman trapped during a space mission gone awry trying to find a way home and repair his shattered life in the process. It’s up to the player to understand the weaknesses and strengths of Jan’s tweaked identities—his alters—and resourcefully balance the dynamics between them.

Each alter’s life branches at various stages and ages, making them different people despite their identical DNA. They are, by every measure, individuals driven by their own motivations and torn by their own emotions. They’ve made different decisions, maybe one made mistakes that another did not, and by looking at who each alter ultimately becomes, perhaps players will question who they could have become if they’d done things differently themselves.

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