Diablo III Starter Edition unleashed on the world

Want to play Diablo III?  Now you can take it a spin for the low low price of absolutely nothing.  Blizzard has announced this morning that you can, with just three steps you can run Diablo III for about 2 hours of the initial content for every single class all the way up to the Skeleton King boss fight in Act 1 and up to level 13.   For those lucky enough to be in the beta, it’s a run of that content but with the advantage of the patches and updates since the game’s release.  You can get your own shiny ticket to Hell three ways:

  • Log in to your existing account at, and sign up for the Diablo III Starter Edition through the “Your Game Accounts” section.
  • Create a new account here and the Diablo III Starter Edition license will be added to your account automatically.
  • Grab the Diablo III game disc from a friend, install the game, and then log in with your account. The Diablo III Starter Edition will be added to your account automatically.

Hopefully they’ve restricted the ability to chat – nothing worse that freebie account spammers.  It’s a good way to take the game for a spin if you’ve not already!  You can check out all of the details on the Diablo III Starter Edition FAQ and you can get started by logging into your account.


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