Deus Ex DLC Teaser Video

When “The Missing Link” DLC for Deus Ex: Human Revolution goes live later this month, players will find Adam Jensen whisked away from the familiar locales of the main game and dropped into a sprawling new environment to rebuild his bionic augmentations from scratch.  That means new NPCs, new quests, and perhaps most interestingly, a chance to spec out Jensen’s augments in a new way without disrupting your progress in the main game.



2K games tried something similar with the “Minerva’s Den” add-on for Bioshock 2  and came up with a wonderful stand-alone adventure that let players experiment with abilities and weapons they hadn’t chosen for the main game, and expanded the story of Rapture in the process.  Here’s hoping Eidos Montreal can pull off the same sort of thing here!

“The Missing Link” is due out for PCs and consoles before the end of October.

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