Destiny’s Sword launches Kickstarter campaign, gets M. D. Cooper to pen story for the MMORPG

2Dogs Games today announced the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for their genre-bending MMORPG, Destiny’s Sword, which will have its story written by fantasy and sci-fi author M. D. Cooper. Destiny’s Sword has a unique mechanic in the MMO genre where characters can “feel” up to 80 emotions through the Insight Engine.

Destiny’s Sword is unlike any other MMO with its emphasis on robust, well-known features in addition to social gameplay and management of character’s psychology and mental health. Players can expect to find a persistent PvP faction war, a fully-featured guild system, cooperative gameplay elements, boss battles, and a quest-like system. All of this is packaged inside the proprietary Insight Engine that provides a psychological simulation of all in-game characters (up to 80 emotions) and gives each player a unique personality, backstory and life story.

The gameplay will have players lead troops through futuristic battles in an ongoing PvP faction war or through cooperative PvE boss battles and special missions.

Destiny’s Sword is currently aiming to launch their beta at PAX Easter 2020 (Boston, end of March 2020) and have currently been developing the game for a year and a half. For more information or to pledge to the project, visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

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