Demeo is coming to PSVR2 and PlayStation 5 in 2023


You might recall that we had some hands-on time with Demeo, both in VR, and the PC version, and today in the PlayStation State of Play we found out that it’s coming to PSVR2 and PlayStation 5 next year.  Not only that, it’s coming with a host of brand new features, we well as some confirmation on some of the features of Sony’s new VR headset.  Let’s dig in:

Developed by a team of renowned industry veterans who have spent decades creating hit multiplayer experiences, Demeo recreates the magic of tabletop gaming with friends and the commoradere that goes along with that in the digital realm. True to the authentic tabletop experience, Demeo puts the emphasis on strategizing and tabletalk, recreating the feeling of moving miniatures around the game board, rolling the die and staking out dungeons with friends. Players’ time in the game together forms the narrative and the memories that last long after game night as the social interactions, teamwork and success of group adventures will differ greatly between sessions depending on each person’s individual play style, class selection and the semi-procedural nature of each level.

In this cross-platform, multiplayer strategy game of miniatures and monsters, players select from one of six playable classes — each with unique sets of offensive, defensive, and supporting abilities — and work together to explore dungeons and other fantasy lands as they quest for treasure and glory. Supporting up to four players, Demeo can be played both in and out of VR with a single purchase on most storefronts — including the PlayStation Store when it launches in 2023.

Tommy Palm, the founder and CEO of Resolution Games had this to say about the upcoming launch:

“When we created Demeo, we did so with the understanding that playing with friends would be the most important part of the experience, to continue to build on that vision, we are committed to ensuring Demeo is available everywhere that players want to be and fully cross-play across all devices — which is why we’re so excited to be extending the dungeon-delving fun to console owners for the first time with our upcoming debut on PSVR2 and PlayStation 5.”

The team at Resolution has also done a great job of supporting Demeo, with plenty of quality of life improvements, as well as four expansions (The Black Sarcophagus, Realm of the Rat King, Roots of Evil, Curse of the Serpent Lord), with a fifth yet-to-be-disclosed adventure coming in conjunction with the game’s launch on Sony’s hardware.

On PSVR2, Demeo will also be utilizing the PSVR2’s haptic feedback to give objects weight and convey impact, as well as utilizing eye-tracking for menu selections and a 120hz refresh rate to keep everything smooth.

Sounds like as good as the PC version was, the PSVR2 version might just be the ultimate edition.

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