DayZ Will Come to Consoles Other than PS4

At Sony’s Gamescom conference in August, it was confirmed that DayZ would be coming to PlayStation 4 next year, but now there’s some insight as to whether or not the game will ever make its way to other consoles.

Speaking with Eurogamer at EGX, DayZ creator Dean Hall confirmed that a multi-platform game was always what the hope within Bohemia Interactive.

“DayZ is definitely going to be a multi-platform title – that’s the firm vision from Bohemia’s standpoint. But we’ll announce what all the other platforms are as we get to that point.”

Regarding the game’s appearance on PlayStation 4, there wasn’t a lot of concrete information when the game’s migration was announced, but Hall had a little more to day at EGX, mainly regarding the time and means by which DayZ will come to PlayStation 4.

“There’s been no decision made about when DayZ releases,” he told me at EGX, “and that would depend on what options Sony provides. I don’t think they’ve said anything about… Everyone’s said they’re thinking about it [Early Access releases].

“There’s a lot of problems with Early Access on PC that definitely are at the forefront of people’s minds,” he went on. “So when DayZ will release would depend very much on what Sony offers in terms of if it was going to do an Early Access program, what it looks like. Then also the state of DayZ – does it make sense to do it through that?”

When asked about a retail DayZ release, Hall confirmed that it wouldn’t be happening next year if it ever does.

“The during next year thing would depend very much on what do the consoles offer in terms of release strategies,” Hall said. “A straight up retail release? It’s not going to be next year, because there’s just too much work remaining. It would be a very bizarre universe where there would be a 1.0 release of DayZ on consoles before PC.”

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