Darksiders II Preorder Bonuses Revealed

Darksiders II has a couple things going for it.  First, THQ is putting it out in the middle of summer which should guarantee it the absolute minimum of competition.  Nobody puts games out in summer.  Secondly, it’s the sequel to Darksiders and that game was all kinds of awesome.

Now, those of us who like to plan ahead have a little choice in how to make it even more awesome.  More side quests?  Better armor?  Faster travel?  It all depends on where you preorder, which we’ll detail after the jump.

Players who pre-order the game from GAMESTOP will receive the ‘Death Rides’ pack. Featuring multiple exclusive side-quests, this pack allows the most fearless adventurers to explore more of the Maker’s Realm and Dead Plains and earn additional experience and loot. Aid an ancient Construct, battle The Bloodless and retrieve Karn’s lost treasure in around two hours of unique game play content.

Pre-order the game from BEST BUY to unlock the ‘Angel of Death’ pack. Give yourself an edge with a unique set of enhanced armor with an angel inspired design as well as a pair of upgraded matching scythes and a exclusive visual trail for your companion crow Dust.

People who pre-order the game from AMAZON will get to ride into battle with increased speed thanks to the ‘Deadly Despair’ pack. This unique pre-order offer adds an additional speed boost for Death’s trusty steed Despair, allowing players to travel across the vast world even faster than before. This perk is a permanent increase that will last throughout the game.

360, PS3, and PC versions of Darksiders II are currently planned for release on June 26th, with a WiiU arriving sometime later in the year.

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