Cute and a brute, Hamsterdam scurries to Switch, PC, and mobile next month

Last week, Muse Games announced that it will release its rhythm beat-em-up Hamsterdam for the Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices on August 1. The game will task players with using the power of rhythm to take down bad guys in some frantically fun combat.

You hold the power to start a revolution in your paws, and only you can bring justice to the mean streets of Hamsterdam! Will you be the hero your town needs? Will you become the Hamster-fu master you were born to be? Will you defeat the whisker twister in chief, the vile Chinchilla Marlo? You bet your bushy tail!

Hamsterdam is a tale of a resistance led by an unlikely hero, in a game where classic brawler mechanics meet rhythm & precision. Players will need a blend of martial arts combos, quick reactions and timely counters to survive street brawls and David vs Goliath boss battles on the mean streets of Hamsterdam.

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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