Crysis Remastered now available on Steam, discount for owners of original, Hunt: Showdown

Crysis Remastered is now available for purchase on Steam, and for those who own the original Crysis or Hunt: Showdown the game can be purchased at a steep discount.

Owners of the original Crysis on Steam can purchase the game for 50% off, and if they own Hunt: Showdown as well they can get even more discounted from that. It is unclear how much more of a discount having Hunt: Showdown will offer players, but it is a nice perk for those that already do have both games.

We reviewed Crysis Remastered when it launched on the Switch and other consoles, and we did not love it. Granted, that was mostly because of the Switch port that we reviewed, and not really due to the quality of the game. At any rate, check out what we had to say about the game here, just keep in mind that the technical issues were most likely all specific to the Switch’s port.

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