Create your own character with Eldritch Foundry’s newest Kickstarter

Tabletop company Eldritch Foundry recently released details for its new Kickstarter campaign, which runs until June 8. The company plans to revolutionize the custom miniature design process, with Eldritch Foundry working with local stores in order to design these items.

Beholden to the gods of dice and dungeons, Eldritch Foundry brings miniatures from the far reaches of the outer planes. But not any miniatures. Our expert team of Gnome Wizards work tirelessly to bring the most customizable and powerful figures for your character. Our sleek, seamless, flash-less miniatures are unrivaled in appearance and each is blessed by a team of Clerics.

Can’t find the perfect miniature for your Dwarven Fighter?


Eldritch Foundry.


Are the only miniatures available carrying a broadsword instead of a warhammer?


Eldritch Foundry.


Is the figure’s beard too short for your perfect avatar?


Eldritch Foundry.


Through dark and forbidden rituals, we have given you, the player, the ability to select everything about your character. Complete customization is now in the hands of the player. Whatever hands, head, tail, wings, clothes, weapons, and practically anything else you can think of, we can do. Even the most mundane of coin purses will look amazing on your character – through our high-quality 3D printing.

The Eldritch Foundry has partnered with the leading US 3D printer manufacturer, 3DSystems, and our in-house printers utilize the most advanced technology available on the market. As such, we are printing at a quality that is substantially higher than anyone else. We print at about 40% higher definition than anyone else on the market.

Most miniatures currently available on the market are printed at around 50 microns. An Eldritch Foundry miniature is printed at around 32 microns. So high is the quality of our miniatures, that they are on par with resin castings. In addition, we use wax supports. This process means your miniatures will have no flash, no mold lines, and no seams.

It’s all about industry leading technology! Our groundbreaking online character creator gives users the freedom to bring the most customizable and powerful figures to life. Visualize and create the smallest details, from hands, heads, tails, wings, clothes, weapons and practically anything else you can think of.

But we didn’t stop there! Once you make your selection, we make it a reality with our world class 3D printers. Now you get seamless, flawless miniatures that conquer everything in the industry. And when it’s done, we ship it free to your local gaming store in a collector quality case.

The Eldritch Foundry has built a completely new business model, working hand-in-hand with local gaming stores. We’ve got over 50 stores that have agreed to launch with us across the continental US, when we debut on the floor at Gen Con, this August!

For those interested in backing the project (which has already shattered its initial goal), the Kickstarter is currently running until June 8. Gaming Trend will have more coverage on the quality of the miniatures and software as Eldritch Foundry proceeds with launch, so stay tuned for more tabletop news here.

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