Control the Tower of London

It seems like area control games highlight trying to conquer nations until only one army remains.  It sounds like WizKids has a unique take on the genre with the just announced Tower of London.

Prepare to dispatch your Beefeaters, collect ravens, and fight for control in WizKids’s upcoming board game offering, Tower of London. Designed by Daryl Andrews and Stephen Sauer, Tower of London lets players use their influence to occupy buildings and gather ravens all in an effort to control the tower and win!

In Tower of London, on each turn, players play two cards: the first card determines which building their Beefeater (guard) goes into, and the second card has a special power that triggers from the perspective of the Beefeater just placed.

At the end of a round, certain areas of the tower are scored based on who controls the majority of buildings by having the most Beefeaters in each. The game is over at the end of three rounds or when a player collects 7 ravens, in which case the game ends immediately.

Releasing in April, Tower of London is designed for 3-5 players and is available for pre-order at your friendly local game store for $24.99 USD today.

The price is right for Tower of London, and it sounds like it might even be a great way to introduce people to area control games that isn’t Risk.  Look for it next month.

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