Continue to redefine your story with the new Storyteller Screen for Weave

Monocle Society is pleased to announce the Storyteller Screen for Weave is now available for purchase. This new screen helps to continue to push the  tabletop storytelling game to the next level and with digital cards through the Weave app it eliminates the need for physical cards.

The new Storyteller Screen offers many features that standard game screens cannot: NFC compatibility and augmented reality. Scan the app with the NFC chip to load character sheets, launch new or old stories and invite new players to current sessions. Augmented reality offers new tools to bring adventures to life.

Alongside the updated features the Storyteller Screen offers, players can experience Weave without physical cards. Fully digital cards are now available with the app.

This new trailer shows off new NFC compatibility, Augmented Reality features, digital cards and the Foresight Update coming soon.

An additional update on the upcoming Foresight announcement will be made in February.

New Weave and Storyteller features:

  • The traditional game master screen has been reimagined with new technology to keep storytelling fresh
  • Tap compatible phones to the Storyteller Screen to launch new and old stories, view and edit character sheets and invite new players to current Seasons
  • New AR features will give storytellers tools to convey the action happening inside their story
  • The Storyteller screen is compact and can be taken anywhere players are waiting for their next adventure
  • Physical cards are no longer necessary as the new Weave app includes digital cards for all players

Purchase yours today at their store and be on the lookout for the release of the update to continue to expand the features. Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for all your tabletop news.

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