Clear your schedule, Mini Metro launches on Switch today

Radical Games’ minimalist subway puzzler, Mini Metro, launches today on Nintendo Switch. Featuring a host of control options as well as an exclusive multiplayer mode, this port has been thoughtfully crafted for the platform. If you’re totally unfamiliar with the game, here is a short summary:

Featuring support for four players, team up (or argue) with your friends to design the most efficient metro network you can. Spread across three different modes of play – Normal, Endless, and Extreme – try your hand at designing subway systems in 20 different real-world cities, each with their own unique colour schemes and obstacles. From New York City, to Osaka, to Mumbai, get ready for a world tour of efficient and collaborative metro mapping that offers up a unique experience with each session thanks to randomized city growth.

If you’d like to see this title in action, you can check out its trailer above. Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for more on Mini Metro and everything else this industry has to offer.

Abram is an aspiring games journalist with a soft-spot for titles published by a particular company that starts with N, and ends with -intendo. When he's not playing, or writing about, video games, Abram is most likely ranting to no one in particular about various films he's seen, or grabbing the sketchpad to do a bit of drawing.

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