Cheeky physics-based dating sim, Table Manners announced

Curve Digital and Echo Chamber Games have announced their new first-person dating game, Table Manners, where the player has to control their own shaky hand to avoid making their date a disaster. The game is expected to be a tongue-in-cheek experience with several unlockables for those able to overcome the challenge of having good table manners.

Everything in Table Manners must be interacted with directly in a 1-to-1 fashion with players having to master their own shaky hands in order to impress their date. The more successful dates you pull off, the more your skills in the fine art of dating grow and the unlocks begin to flow.

You’ll gain access to more sophisticated venues – each with unique gameplay mechanics – and, even more importantly, more potential dates to either impress or distress with your food-related finesse.

All potential partners in Table Manners are procedurally generated so you’ll never know exactly who will sit across you at the dinner table.

Attendees at Twitchcon (27th – 29th September) this weekend will be able to go hands-on with an early version of Table Manners. If you are heading to the show simply head to booth #1361 (adjacent to the Streamer Workshop on the showfloor) where the development team will be on hand to showcase the game.

Table Manners will be released early 2020 on PC via Steam. For more information, visit the official Steam page.

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