Check out a new wireless shortcut keyboard designed for Procreate Creators, the SKFP, on Kickstarter

The SKFP, a wireless shortcut keyboard designed to help speed up productivity when using Procreate, is available on Kickstarter. Featuring 34 accessible shortcut keys,  220 hours of working time, 7 color backlighting, and more for a low price, the SKFP looks to be an incredibly useful tool for Procreate Creators. You can check out the Kickstarter here and you can learn more about the SKFP below:

SKFP, a shortcut keyboard, KS special version, is designed to improve the productivity of artists who use Procreate®. With 34 accessible shortcut keys, SKFP team helps you boost creativity, perform common actions on iPad® faster and speed up the Procreate® workflow.

More Than 30 Shortcut Functions

Maximize Your Creativity

You can select any palettes or tools without using the Apple Pencil®, especially the brush, eraser, and layer buttons on the right side. With this keyboard, you can easily control the size, flow, transparency, and hardness of the brush, drawing with a series of thoughtful shortcuts and making the drawing process more seamless.

Small mistakes? Just undo and erase them instantly!

Brush, color, and more… with a simple press.

Wanna adjust colors? No problem!

A compact and wireless controller, say goodbye to inefficient and repetitive motions that strain your hand and wrist.

No more fatigue from repetitive motions, you can keep your eyes on the project and quickly switch positions while barely moving a muscle. Designed for intuitive operation, you will quickly build the muscle memory to learn where each shortcut button is and working with Procreate® will be faster, easier, and less stressful on your wrists.

More Magic Features

Slim And Portable – Lightweight, streamlined and ergonomic design, reduces the fatigue of creative work.

220hrs Working Time – 1100mAH Long-lasting battery (220hrs working time) with Type-C recharging.

7 Colors Backlighting – 7 colors backlighting to match your creativity and set the mood.

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