Capstone Games’ new game Catherine: The Cities of the Tsarina just announced!

Catherine takes the players to the Tsarist Empire of 1762. Lovingly illustrated, up to 4 players try to win the Tsarina’s favor with the help of an innovative card mechanism. As is so often the case, different strategies lead to different goals: do you devote yourself to the development of the fine arts or trade, or perhaps you prefer to secure and thus perpetuate the empire? With a new card mechanism, you will continually find yourself in the dilemma of choosing to use your card for its action or use to activate your other cards! In the end, Catherine will decide whom she will place her trust.

In this fast-paced game with an elegant ruleset, players will cleverly use their cards – either invest in building residents, collecting goods, or investing in military. A new card mechanic leads to interesting decisions, and with only 12 actions available for the entire game, every decision matters. Cards count for many things – they not only show actions you can take, but also other symbols that help boost other actions.

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Catherine: Cities of the Tsarina is our latest collaboration with dlp Games whom are best known for the award-winning Orléans. Manufacturing is complete and the games are sailing from Poland on May 26 with an estimated arrival to Norfolk on June 15. Estimated delivery to our warehouse in Cincinnati is June 27. Barring any major shipping schedule changes, the July 26 retail release date offers plenty of flexibility for minor schedule changes.

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