Capstone Games announces Riftforce Beyond the expansion to Riftforce!

Go beyond the Rift and discover a new plane of possibilities in Riftforce: Beyond! Experience Riftforce with a challenging solo mode or team up with your friends to fight together and control the Rift in epic three- or four-player games. 8 brand new guilds (for a total of 18 with the base game!) provide even more variety whether you are playing solo, duel, or in teams.

1-4 Players
30 Minutes
MSRP: $24.95
Retail Release: August 9

A copy of Riftforce is required to play

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Riftforce: Beyond is the first expansion to the 2021 Kennerspiel des Jahres recommended Riftforce. Manufacturing is complete and the games are sailing from Germany on May 25 with an estimated arrival to Norfolk on June 11. Estimated delivery to our warehouse in Cincinnati is June 27. Barring any major shipping schedule changes, the August 9 retail release date offers plenty of flexibility for minor schedule changes.

We reviewed the base game of Riftforce, found out what we had to say about it here

Riftforce Review – Enter the Riftforce!

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