Burger Up in stores today

It seems like a subset of board games involves food.  There’s Wasabi, Sushi Go, Wok Star, and the upcoming Menu Masters.  A new game from Greenbrier Games is getting plated and in stores today, Burger Up.

If you’re looking for something to whet your gaming appetite this holiday season, Burger Up, by Rule & Make, will be launching in stores November 9th!

Use the freshest, tastiest ingredients to make the biggest, most mouthwatering, gourmet burgers around. Satisfy your customers to earn money, upgrade your utensils, and become the best burger restaurant in town.
Burger Up is quick to learn yet offers players a satisfying puzzle challenge. Compete for ingredients in the marketplace, and match up recipes to finish orders ahead of your rivals. While speed is important, the bigger you make your burger, the more rewards you earn. Burger Up offers players a fun and delicious experience in a character-filled and visually charming game.
Finding the best burger places in a new area can be a challenge.  Maybe Burger Up can help you know what you are looking for.

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