Broomstick League announced, will be a mashup of Quidditch with rocket style gameplay

Blue Isle Studios in partnership with Virtual Basement announced a new kind of competitive sports game, Broomstick League. Players will face off against each other in fast paced, trick shot scoring competitive battles in the skies.

In Broomstick League players divide into teams and zoom across massive arenas atop their trusty broomsticks in an effort to grab the magical orb, outmaneuver other players and score a goal. Equipped with a broomstick and wand, players must hone their flying skills and use magic to dodge enemies, defend their goal and make extraordinary plays. Players compete against friends online and use a combination of fast reflexes, teammate assists and magical spells in an effort to become the champion by scoring in one of the two goals on their opponents. Broomstick League features endless combos of plays with no two matches ever the same.

Broomstick League will be released onto Steam Early Access soon. It will be playable at TwitchCon 2019 from September 27th to September 29th. For more information, visit the game’s Steam page.


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