Brains are on the menu with Far Cry 5’s third DLC, Dead Living Zombies, this month

Ubisoft has just announced that it will release its third DLC for Far Cry 5 on August 28 as part of the season pass, Gold Edition, or as a standalone purchase on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The content will focus on Guy Marvel as he tries to create his own zombie saga.

Far Cry 5: Dead Living Zombies pairs players with D-tier film director Guy Marvel as he pitches his vision for an epic zombie saga. On maps built from the powerful Far Cry Arcade Editor, players will explore seven different film scenarios as they face hordes of the undead across rooftops, farmlands, military bases and more. After completing each map, players can unlock Score Attack to achieve 3-star ratings, which will unlock weapons and gear to bring back to Hope County.

All Far Cry players will receive additional tools in Far Cry Arcade that unlock even more potential for map builders, including scripting tools and destructible objects. These additions will be available to players along with more new assets in our next update, Title Update 10.

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