Borderlands 3’s Broken Hearts Day Event Begins, Discount Time!

The Borderlands 3’s Broken Hearts Day event is back for a second year in a row. In the twisted way that only the twisted minds of Gearbox can create, our Saurian buddy Maurice is here to help us with our primitive “courting rituals”, and you can help! You’ll spot mysterious hearts swirling around lovesick enemies, and it’s up to you to pop em! Why? For precious loot of course!

Hearts aren’t all the same, of course, and during this event, there are six distinct ways they can break. Some will fall to the ground with a fiery explosion, while others will drop loot, regenerate your health, or briefly turn nearby enemies into allies. Word has it there are even rare hearts that will spawn groups of ghosts from the Bloody Harvest, affording you an off-season opportunity to score some spooky loot.

Maurice places an equal value on all the various heart types and will keep track of how many you’ve broken. Obliterate enough hearts, and he’ll mail new Broken Hearts Day rewards for your troubles:

  • 10– “ECHOcardiogram” ECHO Skin;
  • 25– “Cosmic Romance” Weapon Trinket;
  • 50– “Terminal Polyaimorous” Legendary Maliwan SMG;
  • 75– “Heartbreaker” Vault Hunter Skin;
  • 100– “Wedding Invitation” Legendary Jakobs Sniper Rifle.

Vault Hunters that helped the sentient Saurian last year will notice that this year’s Broken Hearts Day event includes recolored ECHO Skin, Weapon Trinket, and Vault Hunter Skin cosmetic rewards. It also brings back last year’s Legendary guns— which can only be obtained during this event— at the current level cap of 65.

This seasonal event has now begun, and you have two weeks to assist Maurice before the event ends at 8:59 AM PT on Thursday, February 25. If you don’t want to take part in the Broken Hearts Day event or simply want to play Borderlands 3 without breaking hearts for a while, you can opt out from the main menu. Note that when you join an online game, the host player’s setting will determine whether or not the event is active.

The fun doesn’t stop there, as we saw at the Epic Showcase. We also got news on the upcoming Director’s Cut add-on for Borderlands 3, a re-release of Tales from the Borderlands, and some fresh content courtesy of Season Pass 2. Strap in and bust those hearts!

Of course, if you’ve not quite jumped on the bandwagon for Borderlands 3, you can nab it for 50% off Borderlands 3 Ultimate Edition, 55% off the Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Eiditon on Xbox and PC, or 67% off the Borderlands 3 Standard Edition.

Borderlands 3 is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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