Borderlands 2 SHiFT Codes available…

Did you miss out on pre-ordering Borderlands 2, and thus didn’t get a key to open up that shiny chest in the heart of Sanctuary?

Well, you can redeem keys by entering SHiFT codes posted on the twitter account of Randy Pitchford ( @DuvalMagic). What’s more, they’ve just dropped some new codes a moment ago, and if this last weekend is any indication, they’re good for several hours. While you can check it the twitter feed yourself, we’ve grabbed the latest shift codes for your convenience.

X360: KTKJT-Z3K5F-BR63X-K63T3-BBK66

The random items you get from the chest are purple items based on your current level. The keys themselves are single use, so you could chose to redeem the SHiFT code, and hold onto the key for later use.

To redeem the codes, go into the Extras > SHiFT Code option from the main screen. You will need to create a free SHiFT account to redeem the codes.

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