Board game companies support local game stores amid pandemic

Many brick-and-mortar game stores rely on the the influx of purchases from events and customers browsing their stores. With many cities and states requiring stores to close as these retail stores are not considered essential, a big question about what will happen to many of our favorite stores once this clears up. With people being stuck at home, many are looking for games to play and this is where many publishers have started sales or programs to help support the stores during this time.

Atlas Games
Friendly Local Game Drop, created to help support stores during this time of social distancing and global uncertainty.

Deep Water Games
Offering 25% reimbursement if customers leave a note with their LGS’s contact info.

Fireside Games
Offering 25% off all products on their website. And if customers name your favorite local game store in the Order Notes section, they will send that store 25% of payment received. Also giving retailer members of their Facebook group an additional 10% of funds collected.

Fog of Love
Donating 20% of all orders to FLGS if a customer leaves store’s information in the notes section at check out.

Forbidden Games
Donating 50% of their online consumer sales to FLGS when customers leave a comment mentioning their store name, city, and state.

Game Brewer
Retailers can request a coupon code from Game Brewer by sending an email to [email protected]
If their customers use the coupon code on our webshop they will automatically get free shipping in North America and Europe. 30% Of the purchase goes to the FLGS when their coupon code is used.

Gray Matters Games
Starting April 1st, we will offer drop shipping direct to your online customers. This will allow you the ability to serve your customers without spending cash on inventory and taking fulfillment off your plate.

Existing HABA customers can opt-in and receive a coupon code that they can share with their customers. Each purchase made with a retailer coupon code will receive 10% off (this is to incentivize consumers away from Amazon), and give the retailer 20% of the sale.

Hub Games
‘Visiting’ game stores and hosting demos of games on Tabletop Simulator*. Participants will receive a code they can spend on our website with 40% of these sales going to their store.

Announcing the immediate release of King of Tokyo: Dark Edition. Splitting net costs with retailers mentioned on checkout screen of online orders.

Japanime Games
Offering 50% of their online sales of in-stock product if customers leave a note with their FLGS as well. They are also collecting information from retailers to promote them specifically in their newsletters and otherwise.

KTBG / Burnt Island Games
Starting April 1st, donating 20% of net funds raised from their stores to any FLGS that is named in the comments of customers’ web purchases.

Metallic Dice Games
Donating 50% of their online sales to FLGS when customers leave a comment mentioning store, city, and state name.

Modiphius Entertainment
Set up a retailer friendly affiliate scheme with our webstore that pays the retailer 40% of the MSRP (after VAT in the EU) and the customer gets a 10% discount to help offset the cost of shipping. We know retailers are often worried about losing customers to publishers so we decided to permanently link those customers introduced to the store that introduced them – that means even if they don’t use the stores referral link in say a year’s time the store will still get 40% of their purchase. The only exception is if the customer is already a customer of the Modiphius store.

Van Ryder Games
Donating a portion of the proceeds from their web sales to retailers specified by the customer during checkout. This is for any brick and mortar retailer and particularly those unable to be open due to the current events of the Pandemic. We will be donating 20% of the proceeds to non-VRG Select Retailers and 50% of the proceeds to VRG Select Retailers.

If you want to help support your local game store during this time and are looking to pick up some new games to pass the time check out these sites. Stay tuned to Gaming Trend for all your tabletop news.

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