Blizzard is back baby — Sneak Energy unveils return of previous favorite flavor

They’ve done it again. Sneak Energy always finds a way to make some fun and crazy ads, but this one is just epic. Going with the whole fake terrible TV ad is genius, and it’s always so weird which makes it fantastic. Blizzard officially returns January 6th, and here is what you can buy-

January got you down? Never fear, it's Blizzness time! #SneakBlizzard

  • Blizzard 2023 (Square Ice cube Tub) – £39.95 | $40 | €45.95
  • Blizzard Hoodie V4 – £55.00 | $65 | €60.95
  • Blizzard Beanie – £15 | $18 | €20
  • Blizzard Metal Shaker (2022 version) – £10 | $10 | €12
  • Blizzard 23 Collector’s Box [Tub, shaker and ice tray] – £55 | $55 | €60
  • Blizzard Ice Tray – Free with orders over : £70/$80/€85

As for what flavor you’re in for, here is Sneak’s description-

Got the winter blues? Never fear, Sneak’s got your back. Blizzard’s lemony goodness is the perfect thing to put some pep in your step and turn that frown upside down.

Like lemons? As in really like? Well you’re in luck, as this is about as lemony as it gets. Think that cloudy lemonade that always gets served on a porch in films, but dialled up to 11. Plus the new tub looks as if it’s been carved straight out of a glacier. You’re welcome.

To prep for buying Blizzard, hit this link, or use it to buy some Sneak now!

You can pick up Sneak Energy, your Blue Raspberry tubs, and if you want to try it out, your starter kits, here.

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