Blast from the past! The 7th Guest VR comes to Meta Quest 2, 3, and PCVR this year

Easily one of the best interactive mystery games ever, The 7th Guest is getting a full rebuild and release for Meta Quest 2 and 3, as well as PCVR later this year.   The game was an absolute triumph when it launched in the 90s, during the height of the CD-ROM craze.  Now it’s being lovingly reimagined and rebuilt for VR.  Let’s hear from Trilobyte and Virgin Interactive:

“I can still remember being mesmerized when I played the original. It all felt so real to me. And so mysterious! Being able to bring that iconic game to VR is a dream come true and I can’t wait to share the result with everyone”, says Game Director, Paul van der Meer.

Through innovative VR gameplay and the interpolation of live-action, volumetric storytelling, The 7th Guest VR invites players into a grandiose mansion filled with cryptic secrets and challenging puzzles, as they attempt to unravel the mystery surrounding the estate’s sinister owner, the toymaker Henry Stauf

Other key gameplay elements include:

  • Volumetric Storytelling: The 7th Guest VR employs cutting-edge ghostly volumetric video capture with 3D live-action graphics and exquisite performances that help tell an visceral & haunting story.
  • A Narrative Legacy: Featuring the original story as written by Matthew J. Costello, The 7th Guest VR brings back characters like Martine Burden, Brian Dutton, Edward & Elinor Knox and others, as well as some surprise appearances.
  • Expertly-crafted VR Puzzle Gameplay: All-new puzzles that have been carefully redesigned to take full advantage of the technological possibilities of VR. The mansion’s many puzzles are all meaningfully connected to the main story, and use recognizable aesthetic elements to pay homage to the original.
  • Dynamic VR Environments: The 7th Guest mansion awakens, as the environments are vividly realized with high-end visuals and VR-powered optical illusions. This immersive approach lets players delve into every corner of the haunted mansion, and see how it changes around them as they unlock intricate puzzles and unveil cryptic clues.

No doubt we’ll need a trailer to kick things off, right?  Well, consider it done!  Hit the top of this news story and you’ll find exactly that — mystery solved.

The 7th Guest is coming to Meta Quest 2 and 3, as well as PCVR in 2023 — though the official release date is still a mystery…

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