Blast away your competition in Battery Jam, available now on PC

Today, Halseo released its competitive action title Battery Jam on Steam. The game features some local multiplayer frantic action as well as a variety of stages to destroy your enemies. In addition to the PC release, the developer has also announced that a Switch release is currently in development.

In Battery Jam, players can choose from four fun sleek robots named Turbo, Rocket, Love, and Slug. Territory is everything in Battery Jam, and the best way to gain territory is to crush opponents with explosive boomboxes, stealing nearby tiles for yourself! Keeping nimble on your feet and dodging oncoming attacks will help you stay in control of your tiles. Control the majority of tiles by the time the match ends to secure victory over your opponents.

Battery Jam includes 8 different levels, but the variation doesn’t stop there. Each level can be played in one of the many modes that Battery Jam offers, including the original territory mode and deathmatch mode, just to name a few. Players can spice up their matches with a variety of settings, some of which include adjusting match length, having infinite energy or going for the ultra-quick fast mode.

Whether you want to practice your tile-taking skills or repeatedly destroy your friends with boomboxes Battery Jam’s game modes let you play against whomever you choose. Players can opt for AI opponents or play against their friends in local multiplayer. AI opponents can also be used to even the odds while playing with friends.

Check out the trailer above, and stay tuned for more news here on Gaming Trend.

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