Bioware is Teasing its New, Unannounced IP

Bioware, the studio behind RPGs like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, appears to be teasing the new IP that it discussed at EA’s press conference last month.

The live-action teaser, titled “You’ve Been Chosen: Nightmare Teaser,” features a man experiencing a haunting, abstract nightmare.

The video’s description contains the following text:

“The time is near
They are watching
Your power is rising
Cologne, Germany
You’ve Been Chosen”

This text implies that whatever this game is will be properly revealed at Gamescom, which is held in Cologne, Germany.

Bioware is Teasing its New, Unannounced IP

This is the third game Bioware is known to be working on, alongside the recently delayed Dragon Age: Inquisition and the next installment in the Mass Effect franchise that the company asked for fan feedback on.


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