BEYOND: Two Souls making-of video


It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the next-gen madness and forget that we’ve got some fantastic current-gen titles heading our way very soon. Today we’ve got the first of a four part series documenting the making of the upcoming title BEYOND: Two Souls. David Cage and the folks at Quantic Dream, as well as Ellen page and Willem Dafoe talk about their experiences being a part of this awesome project. In case you’ve missed it or you’ve gone radio silent on this title, here is a non-spoiler nibble about the game:

From the makers of the award-winning Heavy Rain comes a unique, psychological action thriller. Featuring a brand-new game engine, a compelling, original story, and a top-notch Hollywood cast; BEYOND: Two Souls promises to be one of the most immersive experiences on the PlayStation®3 system. Live the life of Jodie Holmes, a young woman who possesses extraordinary powers through a psychic link to an invisible entity. Experience the most striking moments of Jodie’s life as your actions and decisions determine her fate. As she traverses the globe, Jodie will face incredible challenges against a backdrop of emotionally-charged events never before seen in a video game.

You might also check out the sweet steelbook that is an exclusive freebie should you pre-order from GameStop. We’ve got that art right here, just below the video. Join us next week for part two of the four part series.

BEYOND: Two Souls ships exclusively on the PlayStation 3 on October 8th of this year.


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