Become the Most Powerful Person in the World in This Is the President

This is the President is an upcoming game which allows players to – you guessed it – become the President.  A satirical thriller, This is the President has players running the US similar to how a mob boss would, as you attempt to hide from justice for your crimes. You can check out the trailer above and read below for more details:

Minsk, Belarus / Vienna, Austria, November 10th, 2021 – Ladies and Gentlemen, the next President of the United States of America: You!

In this upcoming story-driven satirical thriller, you are elected to the most influential position in the world with just one goal in mind: advancing your own agenda. With a history as a shady, rich, and ruthless businessman, you’re under investigation by the FBI. They don’t have proof yet, but eventually, they’ll dig something up. Being president grants you immunity and to keep it that way, you’ll have to pass the 28th Amendment to the Constitution, granting you lifelong immunity!

Manage your team of skilled professionals and make sure the amendment is passed – no matter the cost. How you spend your time in the Oval Office is up to you. Can the sinner become a sort-of-saint and make it look like he’s actually a good president? Or will the people call you out for the crook that you are and cause your approval ratings to sink to rock bottom?

Experience this dark and gritty political thriller when This Is the President launches on December 6th, 2021 on PC.

This Is the President on Steam:

About This Is the President

This Is the President is a satirical thriller, where the President of the USA manages the country like a mobster and tries to escape justice for past crimes. Change the fabric of the United States Constitution by persuading, blackmailing, bribing, and bullying a large part of the political system into granting you lifelong immunity.

Key features

Manage your approval rating, cash and crew unlike any US President before – stay on top of your presidency by any means necessary.

Hold speeches, draft executive orders, manage daily crises, hold press conferences, and tweet better than any President before.

Hire a team of assassins, hackers, lobbyists, and other specialists. Send them on dangerous missions that can be solved by legal means. If that doesn’t work, send them on dangerous missions that can be solved by illegal means.

Experience a compelling interactive narrative with a wide variety of choices and story branches. Will you end your term on your terms or are you just a pawn in a bigger game?

Rule the country as a true mobster would with a shadow cabinet that is feared and respected on a global scale.

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