Become the master of time in the surreal, puzzle filled world of The Gardens Between

Control time itself as you guide two best friends through the bizarre and beautiful world of The Gardens Between, coming to Steam, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and the Mac Store September 20th. This hand-crafted puzzle game tells a tale of friendship between two children, headstrong Arina and the wise beyond his years Frendt, who fall into a series of surreal, dreamlike world of garden islands. You won’t be controlling either character, your role will be to bend and twist time, enabling the characters to explore new areas, make new discoveries, and solve puzzles in this bittersweet narrative.

“When making The Gardens Between we set out to build a world and tell a compelling story that players can connect to and understand, presenting a genuine and consistent universe that offers players of all age groups something to connect with on a personal level.

We aim to be respectful of the players time, to paint our environment with care and consideration and make The Gardens Between a restful, relaxing experience.”

The Gardens Between features:

  • A dreamy tale of adventure and exploration
  • Manipulation of time makes cause and effect malleable
  • Vibrant, storybook-inspired art style
  • Ingenuitive puzzle design in a beautiful 3D world
  • Free from language, designed for accessibility
  • Meditative, ambient soundtrack by feature-artist Tim Shiel

You can learn more about The Gardens Between at The Voxel Agent’s official website, or by visiting the Steam store.

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