Beadle & Grimm’s launches Pathfinder character journals Kickstarter with insane early bird special.

One of the more interesting announcements out of Gen Con earlier this year came from Paizo and Beadle & Grimm’s- a partnership was forged with the intent of bringing us high-end, high-quality Pathfinder accessories the way only the goblins at the Pandemonium Warehouse can. Today we see the first fruit of that pairing, with the launch of the first Beadle & Grimm’s Kickstarter: Complete Character Chronicles for Pathfinder.

These luxurious volumes are the first major products by the company that are aimed at the player more than the GM; Class-specific journals that act as both character sheet and chronicle, with all the relevant rules for that class included:

What if you could have a single book that contained everything about one character, from birth to death? It would need to be part journal, part character record, part scrapbook, and would also need to contain the key reference pages from all the core rulebooks, so that you’d have every rule, feat and spell right there at your fingertips.

Of course a company who frequently prefaces their product names with the words “Platinum“, “Gold” and “Silver” isn’t going to cut corners with something like this:

  • Full page, 8 1/2 by 11 design
  • Vegan Leather Cover beautifully decorated with an embossed foil design
  • Sturdy lay-flat binding
  • Thick paper for the areas that you’re going to write on
  • Glossy paper for the rules
  • Artwork from the Pathfinder universe, as well as custom pieces commissioned by us for the Character Chronicles

Stretch goals include two additional mystery class volumes and whiteboard versions of part fo the character sheets for the rough and tumble of a session. The first 100 backers at the Complete Collector’s Edition tier can get all class volumes with matching dice for each, a voucher towards a Hero Forge figure, and a beautiful leather “Bag of Book Holding” for a whopping $150 off Early Bird Special. 

So give your favorite character (or characters) the pampering they deserve, with a beautifully crafted book that you’ll want to proudly display on your bookshelf, visit the Kickstarter now!

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